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I created this community to help give us a "memories section" which will give us a place to read past comments about treatment options, laps, endo awareness, and more. I will continue to update this page as each year's memories have been added to the memory section.

Although this comm may become a new endo community or it may end up as only useful for the memories section, I hope that everyone enjoys it and feels open and comfortable around their/our own kind... those who have but refuse to suffer anymore than absolutely necessary.

Again, welcome!


If anyone would like to help with the memories, please let me know, I'd like to get everything done before 4/1, sooner if possible!

The comm is working on:

2003 (thanks 0_tammy_0!!!)
Jan 1-June 30 2004 (thanks angry_phoenix!!!)

The comm still needs:

July 1-Dec 31 2004
all of 2005

(this won't take tons of time since most of the posts are rants/whines, which aren't memory'd)

The comm has finished:

First, THANK YOU for helping!

The memories section should include anything that's super helpful as its own post or that is a question with lots of answers. It should not include personal whining/rants, so only about 10-20% of entries will be memory'd. The categories are already set up and likely you won't need to do more than click on the one(s) the entry fits into, making this go pretty quickly.

Directions on how to create a memory:

1. Click on an entry as if you're planning to comment
2. click on the heart icon
3. change "work as user" from your SN to the comm's, click "Switch"
4. Add a description if there isn't one there
5. Click on the keywords listed as to where this post fits (create a new one if need be, but make sure to keep it broad enough that several things can fit)

6. Click submit

You're done! Let me know as soon as your section is done, THANKS AGAIN!!!
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