Lululala (serpentofwisdom) wrote in endosurvivors,

Vulvar Endomtriomas/ Vulvar Endo

I recently had a vulvar cyst removed. Originally my specialists said it was not a batholin cyst as it was quite deep but since surgery and the removal a few days ago she has said it is a batholin cyst BUT it has the appearance of a chocolate cyst or endometrioma so this confused them. They need to get it tested and i will find out the results in a few weeks! I am quite anxious about finding out the results! I have a history of severe, extensive endo and getting an endometrioma in my vulva (of all places) is just....devastating. The surgery was painful and I have stitches in my labia that hurt quite a bit :( I just dont know what to make of all of this. I have had so many gynolgical health issues I cant take it anymore....

Cant take this anymore :(
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