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TIred and frustrated

I love my period, because it is one of the things that is intrinsically female about me.  It reminds me every month that I am capable of creating another life within my body.  It is a wonderful gift given to women, the ability to create life.  BUT, I hate my period because it causes me to be sick to my stomach, wreaks havoc with my bowels (I've had really soft and frequent bm's for the last two days, not quite diharrhea (sp) but close.  I get moodier than normal (which is saying something for a rapid-cycling bipolar), and I'm just a mess.  So, I'm torn because on one hand, I love the fact that my cycle is proof to the world, effectively, that I am female (I am woman hear me roar kind of thing), but on the other, I hate it because it makes me so damn miserable!

I had to vent this, and figured you guys would understand this.  I've x-posted to my endo groups, sorry for those of you that will get it twice!
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